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Saratoga National Bank and Trust Company has all the products business owners need from loans to business accounts to payroll assistance, according to President and CEO David S. Demarco.

“What we pride ourselves on and strive for is to build a business/banking relationship,” Demarco said. “We get to know the business, and then recommend solutions using our products.”

One important product the bank offers with business accounts, he said, is fraud protection. “One of the biggest issues is fraud,” Demarco noted, for businesses today.

The bank also offers a full slate of insurance products through its own insurance company, Upstate Agency. “We offer health insurance, property, casualty, and workmen’s comp,” Demarco said. 

Small businesses can get credit cards through the bank that display their company logo, Demarco said, which helps with name recognition when employees make business purchases in the community. Merchant processing, the ability to accept credit card payment from customers, is another product to benefit small businesses.

The bank also offers a payroll service, and programs to help employees prosper, such as 401K plans. “If there’s a financial need, we can find a solution and deliver that solution in a very personal way,” Demarco said.

Noting that the bank offers online banking, Demarco stressed that the bank works hard not to let modern convenience overshadow the personal approach. “As much as you hear about the digital transformation of banking, it’s the small business owner that still wants more of a relationship. They want a banking team that will listen and provide solutions.” 

Demarco recalled once visiting a business customer. He noticed that they had a small gym in the warehouse. Asking about it, he was told it was for employee use, before or after work. “Oh, you offer that to your staff?” Demarco said. “Have you talked to your health insurance broker? That may save you money.”

The business owner looked into this option, and did save money. Demarco stressed that this all came about because he visited the business on sight. “It’s easier as bankers to understand what the needs are when you can see and touch and kick the tires, if you will,” he explained. “By being present and not on a Zoom call, you can learn a lot more.”