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Episode 17

Nick Pavoldi (Bodywork Professionals)

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson interviews Nick Pavoldi, the massage master at Bodywork Professionals! They discuss the many different kinds of massage he can perform, how one of Nick's hobbies transformed into a lucrative side hustle, and the business' unique application of "Gong Therapy"... Don't know what that is? Take a listen and find out!
00:27 - Introducing… Nick Pavoldi, and Bodywork Professionals!
02:30 - “Rolfing”: What is It?
05:33 - It’s Not About Crushing Pain, But CURING Pain!
08:17 - Mike’s Massages
10:04 - Not Just Rolfing: Any Kind of Massage Your Body Needs, From Mild Relaxers to Medical Therapy!
13:26 - Post-Natal Massage: An Essential Procedure!
15:48 - Gong Work: The Power of Sonic Restoration!
20:35 - Blasting Stress to Bits: BWOOOAAAAMMMM
22:30 - Letter-Pressing: Back to the Classics!
25:14 - Pursuing Your Passion
26:35 - Paying Rent with Whiskey Labels!
28:15 - Stepping Back in Time
30:04 - Put in the Effort: Even the Little Things Deserve Your Attention!
30:42 - Massage School: Bringing in the Pros to Teach the Next Pros!
34:18 - Even Santa Claus Loves Massages! Holiday Season Specials
35:34 - Closing Remarks: Call 518-MASSAGE!

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  • Host

    Mike Nelson

  • Guests

    Nick Pavoldi

  • Runtime

    36 min 43 sec

  • Airdate

    November 30, 2022