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Episode 27: Samantha Bosshart (Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation)

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Episode 27

Samantha Bosshart (Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation)

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson interviews Samantha Bosshart, the Executive Director of the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation! Her organization is dedicated to preserving the historic legacy of Saratoga Springs in more ways than one, and they have an exciting event coming up very soon! Take a listen and find out what they're about, and what the event will be!

00:21 - Introduction
00:42 - Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation: Who Are They…
01:24 - … And What Do They Do?
02:53 - The Objective: Preserving the Legacy of 65 Phila Street
04:39 - What Exactly Will Be Done?
05:26 - Previous Successes: 117 Grand Avenue, 5 Clinton Street
07:12 - Targeting Strategies, and the Most Gratifying Project… The Spirit of Life!
09:25 - An Upcoming Event: The Historic Homes Tour!
12:34 - Choosing Destinations
14:05 - Where to Buy Tickets and Learn More:
14:50 - What Does Membership Entail?
15:44 - A Great Mother’s Day Gift!
16:25 - Other Programs: Lunch & Learn, Breakfast & Buildings
17:17 - Just to Recap… Closing Remarks

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  • Host

    Mike Nelson

  • Guest

    Samantha Bosshart

  • Runtime

    18 min, 49 sec

  • Air Date

    May 8th, 2023