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Episode 43: Amazing Alternative Therapies at The Eden Center

Welcome to Buying Local!
Saratoga, Warren, and Washington County have no shortage of fantastic goods and services to offer! In this podcast, our host Mike Nelson will clue you in on the amazing gems hidden in your very own community!

Episode 43

Amazing Alternative Therapies at The Eden Center

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson interviews Daniel Breeyear, the Director of Integrative Care at The Eden Care Center! They've expanded their offerings across the board, and some of their offerings are truly unique - their fully personalized therapy options ensure that no matter what your troubles, The Eden Center for Integrative Care can help!

00:21 - Introduction

01:12 - The Best Therapists…

03:18 - … And the Best Practitioners

05:44 - Hormones: Their Effects, and How Eden Supplements Them

09:30 - Lowering Testosterone Levels… Is Food to Blame?

13:52 - Going Beyond the Basic: Investigating Causes

15:38 - An Infusion for Every Ailment

17:07 - Mike’s Aching Feet

18:30 - Oh D, Oh My

19:57 - Pills vs. IVs

23:15 - Testosterone Risks… Are Overstated!

27:05 - Optimal for You

28:19 - Not Just for Men: Women can Benefit from HRT Too!

31:01 - Ketamine vs. Depression

33:27 - Bringing Down the Walls

36:13 - Wilderness Therapy

38:24 - Water Down the Stress

41:14 - Not So Alternative Anymore

43:13 - How to Get in Touch

44:14 - Community Education

45:26 - Closing Remarks

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  • Host

    Mike Nelson

  • Guest

    Daniel Breeyear

  • Runtime

    46 min, 10 sec

  • Air Date

    October 16th, 2023