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Buying Local Saratoga

Episode 49: Building Better Culture with Tom Schin

Welcome to Buying Local!
Saratoga, Warren, and Washington County have no shortage of fantastic goods and services to offer! In this podcast, our host Mike Nelson will clue you in on the amazing gems hidden in your very own community!

Episode 49

Building Better Culture with Tom Schin

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson interviews Tom Schin, the man behind the important consulting business of Build Better Culture! Every organization thinks they have a great workplace culture - but not all of them actually do! Tom knows the secrets to employee satisfaction and retention... But you might be surprised by how inherent they are! Listen to this episode to find out more!

00:21 - What Do You Do? Nothing, I Just Got Fired Today!

02:10 - The Masks They Wear

03:44 - The Show Starts Proper

04:25 - 20% Scary: Starting Your Own Business

05:50 - A Brief History of Tom Schin

10:58 - Build Better Culture: Show That You Care!

13:36 - Don’t Just Be a Manager: Be a Leader!

16:10 - Tom Can Help… If You’re Willing to Change!

17:34 - Storytime with Tom Schin

18:06 - Target Markets, and Balancing Priorities

24:15 - The Five Towers Culture

27:20 - Do You Want to Be a Leader?

28:23 - Taking the Tension Out of Retention: The Power of Stay-Interviews

32:20 - What Does the Future Hold?

33:30 - Annual Reviews? NO! Talk Regularly!

34:56 - Prepare Tomorrow’s Workforce Today!

36:10 - How to Get in Touch

36:47 - Shoutout to Brandi Tyler at Unbroken Athletics!

38:50 - Closing Remarks

PRODUCTION NOTE: The opinions reflected in this podcast are not indicative of the views of Saratoga Business Report, LLC, Saratoga TODAY, Glens Falls TODAY Business Report, or Five Towers Media.


  • Host

    Mike Nelson

  • Guest

    Tom Schin

  • Runtime

    39 min, 32 sec

  • Air Date

    December 11th, 2023