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S2E4: March to Victory - The Men Behind the Melee

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Saratoga, Warren, and Washington County have no shortage of fantastic goods and services to offer! In this podcast, our host Mike Nelson will clue you in on the amazing gems hidden in your very own community!

Season 2, Episode 4

March to Victory - The Men Behind the Melee

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson interviews Don Walton and Jay Ingleston - former fighters turned promoters at DonnyBrooke Fight Promotions!

On March 30th, Vermont-based Donnybrooke is bringing a premier MMA event to New York state for the first time - Adina Hornstra vs. LG Pannell and Carmen Corchado vs. Oriana Bracho at the March to Victory! How did they go about putting together this action-packed event? What were their motivations behind the matchups? What brings them to New York this time around? You'll have to listen to this episode to find out!

00:21 - Ad: Call RASP Inc. Today!

01:01 - Introductions

01:43 - DonnyBrooke: Origins

03:48 - Vermont-Grown, New York-Raised

06:34 - Two Sides of the Same Coin

08:15 - The Solider’s Son

09:21 - A Brief History of Jay Ingleston: Live from the Beattydome

12:35 - Training Montage

13:51 - A Beatty Beatdown

14:55 - A Roughhouse Renaissance

16:06 - Booking a Massive Event

18:13 - A Fair Fight… More Fun to Watch, AND Helps Fighters Grow

22:25 - Lose at the Bottom… So You Can Win at the Top

25:19 - Close Match is Best Match

28:53 - The Martial Arts Community: Keeping the Fighting in the Ring

32:23 - Daddy’s Pro Fighter

34:31 - The Ingleston Touch

36:00 - Pushing It to the Limit: The Early 2000s Fight Scene

39:57 - The Best Rush There Is

40:56 - More Upcoming Events

41:59 - New York Mucks Things Up (Again)

44:28 - Bare Knuckle Boxing with Matt

46:20 - A Remote-Controlled Fighter… Takes It!

47:48 - How to Get in Touch: Shoutout to the Sponsors!

49:24 - Closing Remarks

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  • Host

    Mike Nelson

  • Guests

    Don Walton & Jay Ingleston

  • Runtime

    50 min, 34 sec

  • Air Date

    March 8th, 2024