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Saratoga, Warren, and Washington County have no shortage of fantastic goods and services to offer! In this podcast, our host Mike Nelson will clue you in on the amazing gems hidden in your very own community!

Season 2, Episode 13

Grow Your Business with The ARCC

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson meets with Tricia Rogers, President of the ARCC!

Tricia’s been the President of the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce for two years now, and the offerings it has for local businesses just keep getting better – between ribbon-cuttings, mixers, educational services, and other resources, the value of the ARCC is just incredible! Listen to this episode to hear more about how they can help you, and your business!

00:00 – Opening

00:21 – CP Ad: Call Thoroughbred Advisors Today!

01:23 – Show Begins: An Introduction to Tricia Rogers

03:01 – The Juckett Board Dinner at The Sagamore

05:14 – The ARCC: What They Can Do for You

08:16 – Small Team: Big Heart

09:46 – Why You Should Join the ARCC

12:37 – A Great Feeling

13:52 – From Poker to Potato Chips

14:57 – 42 Ribbon-Cuttings a Year?!

16:25 – Chamber 1-on-1s: Shoutout to the ARCC Team!

18:01 – The Best Newsletter Around!

19:35 – Educational Pieces

20:32 – Tuesday, June 11th: Triple-Chamber Mixer at The Sagamore! $20 to Sign Up!

22:43 – Tricia Rogers: Golf Pro

24:32 – The Rare July Mixer

25:03 – July 31st: Saratoga Race-Track Day!

28:09 – The Leadership Adirondack Program

32:01 – How to Get in Touch:

32:50 – Closing Remarks

33:11 – CP Ad: Call RASP Inc. Today!

33:51 – Closer

PRODUCTION NOTE: The opinions reflected in this podcast are not indicative of the views of Saratoga Business Report, LLC, Saratoga TODAY, Glens Falls TODAY Business Report, or Five Towers Media.


  • Host

    Mike Nelson

  • Guest

    Tricia Rogers

  • Runtime

    34 min, 13 sec

  • Air Date

    June 7th, 2024