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Episode 2

Aric Lemon (ICRYO)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully interviews Aric Lemon from ICRYO; a multi-state health & wellness business that offers cryotherapy, IV infusion, red light therapy, and more! Steve and Aric discuss the opening moves of the business, some of the challenges they face in the current market, and more!
00:07 - Introduction
00:49 - A Brief History of Aric Lemon
03:24 - Eric’s Positive Attitude: A Key Part of his Success
05:00 - Why Cryo? A Health & Wellness Tale
09:01 - The Opening
10:34 - What Was Required, and What Cryo Do For You?
13:32 - How Cryotherapy Helped Steve!
14:58 - Why Don’t Some Doctors Recommend Cryo: The Ugly Truth
18:56 - The Downturn of Critical Thinking
21:10 - I-Cryo’s Marketing Tactics: Can’t Advertise in Hospitals!
23:11 - The Medical Community’s Shift From Preventative to Reactive Care
27:00 - The Weaponizing of Opinions: From A Game of Chess to a Fist-Fight
29:08 - Returning to Upstate: What Motivated Aric’s Location Choices?
33:18 - The Challenge: Educating AND Selling to Customers (At the Same Time!)
35:38 - New York VS Florida: What a Difference Restrictive Government Can Make!
37:11 - Closing Remarks

PRODUCTION NOTE: The opinions reflected in this podcast are not indicative of the views of Saratoga Business Report, LLC, Saratoga TODAY, Glens Falls TODAY, or Spa City Digital.


  • Host

    Steve Cully

  • Guests

    Aric Lemon

  • Runtime

    37 min 56 sec

  • Airdate

    September 12, 2022