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Episode 6

Charlie Kuenzel & Jamie Parillo (Saratoga History Museum)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully (who, may I remind you, is the greatest podcast host in the universe) interviews Jamie Parillo and Charlie Kuenzel: Executive Director and President respectively of the Saratoga History Museum! They talk to us about the fantastic exhibits currently on display, the fascinating history behind them, and - perhaps most importantly - the GHOSTS that haunt the halls of the museum! You won't want to miss this episode; ESPECIALLY if you're a Saratoga fan!
00:07 - Introduction
01:25 - A Brief History of Jamie Parillo: Schuylerville Hometown, Saratoga Battlefield
03:08 - A Brief History of Charlie Kuenzel: Saratoga Hometown, Teaching Science, Writing
05:04 - Charlie’s Involvement in Astronomy
06:17 - Why are People so Fascinated by Saratoga and its Community?
08:53 - Steve’s Football Coaching Experience: How it’s Socially Different
09:32 - Saratoga’s Broad Appeal: Safety, Economy, Community
12:32 - The Saratoga History Museum: Founded October 16th, 1883!
14:08 - Some of Saratoga’s Biggest Events: Gilded Age, 1900s Recession… Constant Reinvention!
16:38 - Saratoga Horse-Racing: How it Started in 1847, and How it’s Evolved
19:19 - Museum Membership: What it Entails, What it Offers
21:10 - Women’s Designer Footwear: An In-Depth Exhibit of Victorian Fashion! Closing in January!
22:38 - Hotel Exhibit: A Step Back Into Old Saratoga’s Spectacular Stays!
24:29 - Saratoga Water: The Effects of its “Healing” Minerals, and How it Started the Town
27:08 - The Orientation Gallery: An Introductory Overview
28:51 - The Canfield Casino: Highest Stakes in the Country! Visit the Recreated High Stakes Room!
30:18 - The Bolster Collection: Snapshots From the Past! Copies Available!
32:11 - Educational Outreach Series: Teaching Local Schoolchildren About Saratoga!
36:10 - Confirmed Spiritual Activity… More Than Just a Story!
37:38 - Ghost Tours are Available… If You Dare!
38:23 - Jamie’s Own Tale of Supernatural Experiences: Mischievous Poltergeists!
40:15 - Charlie’s Experience with Specters: Photographic Evidence! From Skeptic to Believer!
42:26 - Demi Lovato Gives a Thumbs-Up: Ghosts are Definitely There!
43:37 - Upcoming Events: Feast of Saint Michael, Public Ghost Tours!
44:49 - Charlie’s Testimony: Why You Should Visit the History Museum!
45:58 - How Can a Teacher Book a Class Tour?
46:31 - Closing Remarks: How to Get in Touch

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  • Host

    Steve Cully

  • Guests

    Jamie Parillo
    Charlie Kuenzel

  • Runtime

    48 min 15 sec

  • Airdate

    September 22, 2022



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