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Episode 9

Bob Fitch (Bob Fitch State Farm Agency)

In this episode, our stellar host Steve Cully interviews Bob Fitch, head of the Bob Fitch State Farm Agency! They discuss Bob's history, his choice to start a business instead of climbing the corporate ladder, his business' moral philosophy, and more in this superb episode!

00:08 - Introduction
01:34 - A Little History of Bob Fitch and His Family
03:00 - Bob’s Sports Experience: Division 2 Basketball at Green Mountain!
03:54 - The Burnt Hills Powerhouse: A Recent Phenomenon!
04:55 - Why Green Mountain?
07:25 - Steve’s College Experience at Yukon: A Much Larger School Makes For a Less Focused Experience!
08:35 - Steve Asks “The” Question: No, Bob Did Not Play Football!
09:07 - A “Mind For Marketing”
09:59 - How Bob Found His Way to Insurance
11:49 - Mortgage Brokering: The Inside Scoop
12:59 - A Very Special Internship
14:00 - The Importance of Workplace Culture
14:45 - Grammar Lesson: “Resonate” is the Word in This Case!
15:06 - Pivoting Away From Mortgages
15:53 - Underwriting: Triple-Checking if Doing Business is Worthwhile or Not!
17:14 - Educating and Getting to Know Your Customers: Essential for a Good Insurance Provider!
18:11 - Climbing the Corporate Ladder… Not For Everyone!
18:57 - Personal Connections: Less and Less the Higher You Climb!
20:16 - Self-Employment: A Challenge, But Such a Worthwhile One!
21:02 - How Independent is an Insurance Agency That Still Sells “State Farm” Insurance?.. VERY!
23:14 - The 2011 Return Home: State Farm Helped the Dream Become a Reality!
24:22 - Insurance Licensing: Not Too Hard! Take the Test!
27:32 - Where IS the Agency? Moreau, New York!
28:28 - How Did Sports Shape Bob Fitch… And How Can They Help Shape Others, Too?
30:59 - The Community’s Love For Bob Fitch: He’s More Than a Marketing Tycoon!
33:00 - Branding: Not Just For the Company, But For YOURSELF!
34:38 - Marketing: Not a Drag, But a Delight!
35:33 - Social Media Strategies: Quite the Change From Direct Mailing!
38:26 - Name-Dropping Bob’s Amazing Team!
38:47 - Which Platform is Most Successful? Doesn’t Matter - The Content Does!
40:22 - Leave the Inorganic Stuff to Corporate!
41:28 - Personalized Insurance: Auto, Home and Life to Perfectly Suit Your Needs!
43:58 - Salvaging Bad Experiences: Show Malcontents How the Pros Do It!
44:59 - Bob’s Employees?.. No! Bob’s TEAM!
46:38 - How Bob Can Handle Changing You From Your Current Provider
48:21 - Culture: More Than Just a Buzzword! Don’t Just Say It - MEAN IT!
48:58 - Closing Remarks 

PRODUCTION NOTE: The opinions reflected in this podcast are not indicative of the views of Saratoga Business Report, LLC, Saratoga TODAY, Glens Falls TODAY, or Spa City Digital.


  • Host

    Steve Cully

  • Guests

    Bob Fitch

  • Runtime

    49 min 41 sec

  • Airdate

    September 29, 2022