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Episode 10

"Juniper" and Josh Cupp

In this very special tenth episode, our host Steve Cully interviews Josh Cupp, owner of The Thirsty Owl in Saratoga; and "Juniper", a local musician that sometimes plays there! They talk about the Owl and Josh's incredible history, the importance of building relationships to building a business, and - you might have seen this coming, based on the title - a little music! You won't want to miss this landmark episode!

00:00:07 - Introduction
00:00:51 - The Origin of Thirsty Owl’s Name
00:02:13 - The Origin of Juniper’s Stage Name
00:03:31 - Steve’s Meeting With Jewel
00:05:44 - How Steve Got Josh on the Show: Keepin’ it Real!
00:07:30 - A Brief Background of Josh Cupp: Rome, Golf, and… Women’s Studies?
00:10:38 - How Josh Does Restaurateuring: His Way!
00:13:06 - Juniper’s Testimony: Josh is Fun, But he Still Works Hard! 0
0:14:17 - How Josh and Juniper Dealt With the COVID Crisis
00:15:51 - The Quiet, Family-Oriented Golf Course That is Hidden Valley… And Their Salad Dressings!
00:17:02 - Who’s Ted? A Little Cupp Family History
00:22:19 - Steve’s Search: Finding Josh by Accident!
00:22:56 - Juniper’s Background: Connecting With Saratoga Via SPAC!
00:27:28 - Open Mic Night: For Novices and Pros Alike! Any Music Lovers Welcome!
00:29:07 - No, Juniper and Josh are Not Related!
00:29:38 - Saratoga Synergy: How the Town Made a Turnaround
00:33:08 - How and Why Did Josh Decide to Open a Restaurant in Saratoga?
00:36:40 - College Coaching: So Many Rules! Why Did Steve and Josh Leave?
00:40:00 - Not Just the Owner: Josh Bartends, Waits… And Mops!
00:41:40 - The Renaissance Man is a Man Who Dips His Quill in All Things!
00:42:24 - Balancing the Bill-Paying Work With Passion Work: Busy, But Fulfilling!
00:44:46 - Transitioning Into Running a Business: You’ll Need All the Help You Can Get!
00:49:03 - The Customer… Is NOT Always Right! 13% Will Bust Your Chops, 1% Can Never Be Satisfied!
00:51:22 - Engaging With Your Customers Can Make All the Difference in the World!
00:52:36 - Cultivating Culture: Not Just a Word, But a Philosophy That Must Be Deliberately Nurtured!
00:55:42 - Keeping Good Employees: Not Just Money or Benefits, But Sharing the Vision!
00:57:40 - Sticking Together: There’s Nothing Like Family! Ohana!
01:01:00 - Solo Act VS. Playing in a Band… Juniper Couldn’t Possibly Choose Just One!
01:03:27 - Playing With Steve Zucchini of the Zucchini Brothers!
01:04:12 - Substance Abuse… Affects Some Musicians, But Not Juniper!
01:06:26 - Recruiting Players: The Life-Blood of Any Sport! Josh Loved It! Transfer Protocol Being Gone is Great!
01:10:37 - MUSIC TIME!!! Juniper Plays “You Ain’t Woman Enough” as a Tribute to Loretta Lynn
01:14:49 - How to Find More Juniper Music: Online and Local Shows!
01:15:54 - Upcoming Events at the Owl: Wine-Pairing Dinner, Steve Candlen!
01:17:25 - Closing Remarks

PRODUCTION NOTE: The opinions reflected in this podcast are not indicative of the views of Saratoga Business Report, LLC, Saratoga TODAY, Glens Falls TODAY, or Spa City Digital.


  • Host

    Steve Cully

  • Guests

    Josh Cupp

  • Runtime

    1 hr 18 min

  • Airdate

    October 5, 2022