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Episode 12

Juan Luis Lopez Fons (Emotivo Productions)

In this episode, our host Steve Cully - the greatest podcast host in the universe - interviews Juan Luis Lopez Fons, the head producer at Emotivo Productions! They discuss Juan's interesting youth, his passion for documentary filmmaking, and more!
00:07 - Introduction
01:40 - Steve and Juan’s Experiences With BNI
04:30 - A Brief History of Juan Luis: Money Can’t Buy Happiness!
09:05 - A Flash of Inspiration: Juan Turns His Interests Into a Money-Making Venture!
12:17 - Juan’s Philosophy: Meaning Must Come From Within! Find Your Purpose!
14:36 - Understanding Psychology: It’s Always Worthwhile to Try to Understand Your Fellow Man!
16:17 - Juan’s Favorite Projects… Documentaries! Writing, Directing, Editing, and More!
20:34 - Upstate Grounds: The Project That Never Was, and Never Will Be
22:36 - Come on, Steve! Snow is Great!
23:02 - Emotivo Productions: From Side Hustle to Professional Documentary Production Company!
25:16 - Personalizing Your Work: Take Pride in Anything that Has Your Name on it!
27:10 - Commercial Break - Visit the Saratoga History Museum!
28:14 - The Emotivo Process: From Concept to Finished Production
29:43 - Editing is Awesome, But Stressful: Picking the Best Clips and Unifying Them Just Right!
32:26 - Juan’s Wife: Julia Lopez
34:35 - Capital Region Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: Helping Local Latinos!
37:37 - How Helping Your Community Helps You - In More Ways Than One!
39:23 - A Perk of Extroversion: The Fascinating Stories People Might Have For You!
41:26 - Patience… A Trait in Short Supply, The Value of Which Cannot be Overstated!
43:29 - Kindness Doesn’t Hurt! If Juan Wasn’t a Filmmaker, He’d Be a Mediator!
44:17 - Closing Remarks: How to Get in Touch!

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  • Host

    Steve Cully

  • Guests

    Juan Luis Lopez Fons

  • Runtime

    46 min 20 sec

  • Airdate

    October 20, 2022



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