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Episode 14


In this spooky seasonal episode, our host Steve Cully brings in Jamie Parillo and Charlie Kuenzel from the Saratoga History Museum... To talk about GHOSTS! Ghouls, Wights, Phantoms, Specters; by any name, the remnant energy of the dead given form here on Earth... Get ready for a spine-tingling episode, as they'll talk about several confirmed encounters and readings, the potential history behind the haunting themselves... And our ghastly subjects just may chime in themselves with a few words.

By the way, listeners... The interference and noise in this episode was not added in editing.

00:00:07 - Introduction
00:02:21 - Ghost Tours at the Canfield Casino!
00:04:02 - Rationalizing the Presence of Ghosts as a Man of Science
00:08:12 - What Makes a Believer Out of a Skeptic?
00:09:40 - Connecting History to Canfield’s Spectral Stick-Arounds
00:11:51 - The Battle of Saratoga… Oops! I Mean, Battle of Schuylerville!
00:13:04 - John Morrissey’s Fascinating History: From Prize-Fighting to State Senator to Illegal Casinos!
00:14:05 - The Presence of the Dead Has Only Recently Coalesced!
00:15:45 - Calling on the Ghost-Hunters: Did a Great and Respectful Job!
00:17:14 - Dozens of Encounters...
00:18:17 - … But One Stands Out!
00:19:27 - Functional Equipment Still Has Spooky Errors!
00:22:05 - Taking an Uninvited Guest Home…
00:23:40 - Choosing a Floor… First is Tame, but Second and Third are Simply Teeming!
00:25:38 - “Interactive Personalities” - The Nurse
00:28:25 - Have You Heard Them?.. The Whispers of the Dead?..
00:28:50 - The Structure of the Ghost Tour
00:30:34 - The Ghost-Hunters Visit: Bringing Everything Short of a Proton Pack!
00:33:16 - Take a Picture. It’ll Last… FOREVER!
00:34:14 - Haunted Belongings: If You’re Not in the Will, Leave it Still, Or a Ghost Will Come and Give You a Chill!
00:36:15 - The Latest Phantasmal Encounters
00:37:28 - Halloween… More of a Living Holiday!
00:40:53 - Hauntings at the Bachelor Mansion and Lake Avenue School!
00:41:35 - Telling Classes About Ghosts… Only if They Behave!
00:42:07 - Overnight Stays… If You Dare!
00:43:00 - Local Ghost Hunters… Half a Dozen Organizations! Many Individuals as Well!
00:44:56 - A True Geistjäger Needs No Tools!
00:46:16 - What Lies Beyond: Paradiso, Reincarnation, Wighthood… Or Maybe All Three?
00:48:53 - Extraterrestrials… Impossible For Them Not to Exist!
00:50:04 - Quantum Theory and Relativity Cannot Coexist! There Are… Eleven Dimensions?!
00:53:35 - Mars Aeternum: The Plan to Land on the Red Planet
00:55:04 - Steve’s “Out-of-This-World” Experience
00:57:38 - The Spacefarer Budget Can’t Afford Compromise!
00:59:12 - THE DEAD SPEAK… Do You Hear?
01:00:30 - Making Money From Space Travel… Is It Possible?
01:02:25 - December 8th Fundraiser - Murder in the Canfield Casino!
01:03:58 - November 15th - Guest Speaker!
01:05:00 - Closing Remarks: Don’t Miss Out on the Upcoming Events!

PRODUCTION NOTE: The opinions reflected in this podcast are not indicative of the views of Saratoga Business Report, LLC, Saratoga TODAY, Glens Falls TODAY, or Spa City Digital.


  • Host

    Steve Cully

  • Guests

    Charlie Kuenzel
    Jamie Parillo

  • Runtime

    1 hr 6 min

  • Airdate

    November 3, 2022