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written by Jordan Dunn  |  Photo provided

Founded by Charles Amodio, Partner at Ferraro Amodio & Zarecki CPAs, Meeting Point was started with the intention of bringing seasoned professionals in the local area together, in order to help facilitate connections based on specific industries.

“Working in a forensic accounting firm, we get a lot of referrals.
I saw an opportunity to expand and extend the experience I was having at my own office to those in my local communities and beyond.” said Amodio. 

With its first chapter in Albany commencing in the fall of 2019, the group has now added a chapter in Saratoga and another in the Hudson Valley to its ranks. 

Meeting on a regular basis, the group helps local professionals in niche areas of accounting, law and wealth management connect, to learn more about one another and hopefully facilitates lasting professional relationships. Though the group began quite near the start of covid, Amodio said that “the advances in remote working styles and meetings, really helped to get us through that different period of time while still staying connected”. Now that the world has returned to a semblance of normalcy, the groups utilize a mixture of traditional meetings where members are often asked to give small presentations or participate in group discussion and activities, as well as participating in a number of social outings and events throughout the seasons. 

Is Meeting Point Right for You?

We had the opportunity to speak with a member of Meeting Point’s Membership Committee, Ryan Keleher of Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC who discussed a little bit of the group's credentials when it comes to taking on new members. 

“We really are looking for people who are interested in creating organic, professional relationships with top experts in their fields. This isn’t a business card exchange type of group. This is for those looking to get to know people not just on a professional level, but on a character level as well,” said Keleher. 

In addition to positive intent, the group focuses on bringing in those who have reputable knowledge in a niche area of their industry. Oftentimes this means that the membership committee will strategically identify what kind of areas of focus have less representation in the group and they try to fill them accordingly. 

At this moment in time the chapters are actively trying to fill several membership positions in each of their chapters. There is also no membership fee at this time. 

What does the Future Hold? 

“We are relatively new and still evolving,” said Amodio. “Each chapter is really still at an infancy stage so we are open to whatever potential avenues and opportunities may come our way down the line”.

This take it day by day approach seems to be working positively for the group, if the outlook of one if the opinion of Kaitlin Russitano of ADP, a member of the Saratoga chapter, is any indicator.

“Meeting Point has been a tremendous resource for my career within the Capital District. I found that fellow members were eager to find out more about me and to offer whatever help that was needed.” said Russitano

Russitano continued on to explain how “when it comes to helping my clients I know I have a strong group of highly qualified professionals I’m comfortable sending them to. I truly look forward to the monthly meetings and group events that are planned throughout the year.”

Connect with Meeting Point

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