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This past month, two local leading tech companies joined forces 
with the intent to unite their efforts for years to come!

written by Jordan Dunn  |  Photos Courtesy of Adnet Technologies

ADNET, a managed IT services, cloud, and cybersecurity provider recently announced that it has acquired Tech II Business Services (Tech II), a Saratoga Springs-based managed IT firm. Through this merger, ADNET will retain all Tech II employees, and Daniel Bardin (previous CEO of Tech II) will join the ranks of ADNET’s general managers. ADNET has offices in Rocky Hill, Connecticut and Albany, New York.

This merger comes partially due to the recent investment by ADNET into New Charter Technologies. New Charter Technologies is a national MSP platform that links together over 20 managed IT service providers “that operate independently and serve markets across North America.”


In a recent press release, the companies stated that, “this strategic partnership brings together two exceptional teams of IT professionals to create a premier regional technology services company that combines national capabilities with a human-centered approach.”

We recently sat down and spoke  with ADNET’s Cofounder, Christopher Luise, and Daniel Bardin, about the recent merger. Both leaders seemed enthusiastic about the possibilities that this merger stands to bring.

“As service providers, if you are going to bring solutions to a large range of industries, you need depth and balance,” said Luise when asked what elements helped to prompt this merger. With the speed in which technology changes, and the unique and complex challenges companies now face, these strategic partnerships and acquisitions seem like a no-brainer. “To be alone and meet the current demands of today, is truly impossible,” continued Luise.

And with several decades in the industry, Luise has seen this transformation first hand. “I grew up in the tech space,” said Lusie. “I had my first computer at 13 and was that kid in high school trying to sell floppy discs to my classmates. It's amazing how far the industry and the technology itself has come since then.”

Similarly, Bardin also brings several decades of experience with him, though his start was not necessarily in tech. “I started in construction actually, working for the company my dad had. I focused a lot on the electrical side of things and that led me to study electronics in college,” said Bardin. “After graduating college, I had my first job at an Apple Store and I’ve been in the industry ever since.”

Bardin went on to describe his view on the tech world and stated how “this industry is a challenging one. We've (Tech II) done well in the mid-market, but combining forces with ADNET means we can increase the breadth and depth of our talent pool. More people means more skill sets. More skill sets on hand mean that bigger and more complex problems can be solved by just one team.”

"With a shared passion for tech, and a penchant for prioritizing people… the synergy was just there."


Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Luise (left), and General Manager, Daniel Bardin (right).


With each company bringing over 30 years of experience to the table, the combined talent pool is sure to benefit the Capital Region in the years to come.

From a long term perspective, “this acquisition deepens ADNET's investment into the Capital Region, a market we see as full of opportunity and talent,” Luise said. “We're confident that doubling-down on our investment here will continue to drive our growth locally and across the Northeast.”

Equally, “Tech II’s clients will continue to be served by the same outstanding IT professionals while securing access to ADNET's extensive network of resources and partners,” stated Bardin.

“We are excited about what we are growing here,” said Luise. “If our vision and focus is something you could see aligning with your future technology needs as a company or organization, please reach out.”

Bardin echoed this statement with, “If you are a business that has ever struggled with technology, please give us a call. We're here for you!”