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Q&A with John Kalil Featured

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John Kalil, President & Founder of Retirement Solutions, LLC. Photo provided. John Kalil, President & Founder of Retirement Solutions, LLC. Photo provided.

In our search for insight on an almost post covid economy we wanted to check in with someone that could shed a little light on the financial side of pandemic recovery. So we reached out to John N. Kalil, LUTCF, Financial Advisor, Founder and President of Retirement Solutions, LLC. John’s firm provides financial, investment and wealth management services for individuals, sole proprietors, and small to medium sized businesses. Their specialization is in the areas of retirement preparation/transition, asset protection and legacy planning. John sounded like the perfect person to give us the 411 and a great guy to get to know. So here is a quick Q&A with John to help you get to know him and his thoughts on protecting your assets.

Q. How long have you lived/worked in Saratoga?
A. In 2012, I began taking some initial steps to expand my private practice from the Central NY area. By 2015, the transition was complete and I became a full-time area resident. At the same time I also re-branded my practice under the name Retirement Solutions, LLC to better reflect the nature and focus of my business.

Q. What brought you to the area?
A. Quality of life, close proximity to other geographical regions of the State as well as ease of travel.

Q. What is the single most rewarding experience you have had in your professional career?
A. Public speaking and hosting educational events to help people make more informed financial decisions.

Q. Who are the people you love to work with?
A. Those who recognize the value of my professional experience and desire a collaborative approach in order to achieve more predictable and favorable financial outcomes.

Q. How long have you been doing this and how did you get started in your industry?
A. Upon the suggestion of a family friend, I was encouraged to pursue my career in the financial services industry with the Mutual of Omaha Companies nearly 27 years ago as a licensed New York State insurance agent.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you would give from your industry post covid?
A. In my opinion, there are going to be some major changes in legislation that will impact how one’s assets can be protected, including how their beneficiaries will be taxed. This is where my clients appreciate the value in partnering with me, because I always strive to make the effort to have a more meaningful conversation with them about the things they see as important in life, rather than getting caught up in trying to compete on the basis of having the lowest fees, debating investment performance or engaging in some baseless transaction thatwill only become problematic at a later date. This is how Retirement Solutions differentiates from other financial services professionals. While those things may seem relatively important, none of them will necessarily matter if someone experiences a change in health and everything they have worked hard for, is lost to pay for the cost of medical care or spent on unnecessary taxes. One recent example of such legislation that will impact non-spousal beneficiaries (often your children) of inherited retirement accounts upon death, would include the passage of the Secure Act in late 2019. Very few people truly understand how this legislation may impact their retirement accounts for better or worse. Much of my work entails partnering with my client’s elder law attorney and their tax professional to help create a more cohesive financial and legal strategy that will better address these specific issues and provide for greater peace of mind.

Q. How can people find you?
A. Call me at (518) 244-8334 to schedule a complimentary financial consultation or visit our website at https://www.retirementsolutionsllc.com/

John N. Kalil, Jr., is a Registered Representative of Hazard & Siegel, Inc., and is located at 125 High Rock Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Securities are offered through Hazard & Siegel Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory Services are offered through Hazard & Siegel Advisory Services, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. The offices of Hazard & Siegel, Inc. and Hazard & Siegel Advisory Services, LLC are located at 5793 Widewaters Parkway, Syracuse, New York 13214.

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