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Crossfit Gym, Unbroken Athletics, to Open in Malta Featured

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Ballston Lake — Ballston Lake is about to get healthier. Unbroken Athletics, a new crossfit gym, is planning to open in the next few weeks. Owner Brandie Tyler is ready to create a space that builds a community based on passion, functionality and fitness.

The gym will offer four classes each weekday and three on Saturdays. Never tried crossfit? Maybe a little intimidated? One on one classes will also be available to introduce individuals to CrossFit at a pace that works for them. “I don’t want the misconceptions and intimidation around the sport to deter people from trying something new,” Tyler added. “Providing one on one classes creates a unique experience for individuals to learn the introductory skills of the sport.” Fundamental CrossFit classes will also be taught to further develop those basic skills. 

She is also very excited to give the community a space to learn and grow together, “This is a sport that has a lot of comradery around it and encourages supporting one another from the sidelines.”

And when it comes to fitness, Brandie knows what she is talking about. She began her physical fitness journey years ago as a personal trainer and went to school for physical education, but eventually changed paths. She began crossfit five years ago and instantly fell in love with the sport. She is now a Vertical level 2 CrossFit coach.

Brandie hopes Unbroken Athletics will help bring her passion for strength, courage, pushing beyond mental & physical limits to its members and the local community. There is something for all level athletes: beginner, intermediate or advanced. Tyler stated that she wants her members to know: “You can do this” .

With a range of classes to suit any fitness level, pricing plans available to fit any time commitment, and individualized coaching for any area extra help that is needed - Unbroken Athletics really is for everyone. 

CrossFit was founded in 2000, however the popularity has grown exponentially over the years and especially during the pandemic. As a high-intensity fitness program it consists of elements from various sports and different types of exercise. The workouts typically include strength, conditioning, and overall fitness exercises. It incorporates a mix of calisthenics, aerobic exercise, and weightlifting. 

Brandie began one on one CrossFit training classes during the Pandemic. She wanted to provide clients with the expertise to help them remain fit, healthy and most importantly safe. It is an exercise modality that is fairly inexpensive, versatile and does not require much equipment. It allows more accessibility to those who do not own a lot of equipment and were unable to utilize gym memberships. Tyler said another big appeal of CrossFit is that “people aren’t doing the same thing every day in terms of working out”. Crossfit is afterall: Constantly varied, functional fitness.

Brandy said she wants Unbroken Athletics to “stay interactive with the community”. She truly wants to create a supportive environment for her members based off of high quality training classes.

Unbroken Athletics will be located at 146 Raylinsky Rd Malta New York 12019. The gym plans to be opened by mid-August.

To learn more about Unbroken Athletics and Brandie Tyler visit: www.unbrokenathleticsny.com

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