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LifeGoal Investments: Financial Security at your Fingertips Featured

Written by Jaynie Ellis
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SARATOGA SPRINGS – There are new tools on the market to make investing more accessible, brought to you by a company that just launched here in Saratoga Springs.

Brothers Brett and Taylor Sohns left their careers on Wall Street, moved to Saratoga Springs along with family, and shifted focus to make investing easier for do-it-yourself investors. With a combined 25 years of experience, the Sohns brothers founded LifeGoal Investments to help individuals achieve their life goals through financial security and home ownership with easy-to-understand investment products.

On Sept. 9, the Sohns brothers officially launched LifeGoal Investments and its initial public offering for its first ever, patent-pending investment funds. Setting LifeGoal Investments apart from the rest is this patent pending investment process intended to help control volatility and manage risk, allowing people to invest in the stock market while focusing on their biggest expenses – home, children, and vacation. 

“This is the first one designed in the world - the first ever patent-pending Homeowner Investment right here in little old Saratoga Springs,” said Taylor. “You’ve got the potato chip that was invented here, and now you also have the Homeowner Investment.”

Their flagship product, the LifeGoal Homeowner Investment ETF (HOM), intends to help individuals responsibly invest and save for a future down payment on a home.

“There is a crisis in the United States right now and it revolves around home prices. In the past year, in most cities and towns around the United States, home prices went up double digits. To compound the problem, the money people have set aside for a down payment are generally sitting in things like savings accounts, and the yield in a savings account is nearly zero,” said Taylor. “As their money sits in a savings account yielding nothing, and home prices go up 10-12% per year, they are no longer able to afford a house they may have once been able to afford. This is facing not just us in Saratoga Springs, which it absolutely is, but around the country.” 

“Now instead of having your down payment sit in cash, you can buy ‘Ticker: HOM’ with your down payment dollars that is precisely designed to keep up with inflation in the housing market,” added Brett. “Essentially this is what you would use as your savings account for the down payment of a home.” 

In addition, they have launched four other products that will help users “organize their financial lives, solve important needs, and invest conservatively”. LifeGoal Investments Children Investments ETF (CHLD) is a savings/investment vehicle designed specifically for people who are saving for their children’s needs with childcare, tuition, and related expenses. LifeGoal Investments Vacation Investment ETF (SUNY) is a savings/investment vehicle designed specially for people who are saving for their next vacation(s). LifeGoal General Conservative Investment ETF (SAVN) is a low-cost, diversified ETF built to show people exactly what they have set aside for their everyday expenses (i.e. transportation, utilities, and groceries) all while having those dollars professionally invested. LifeGoal Wealth Builder ETF (WLTH) is a low-cost diversified ETF that is professionally managed for people who want to grow their long-term wealth. As you can see, the name of the investment makes the intended use very clear. 

Even before their launch, the Sohns brothers had support from the community. To launch LifeGoal Investments they had to raise money for business capital, and a lot of the investors in the company are local to the Saratoga area. 

“They have shown their confidence in us in order to create this successful company here in Saratoga Springs,” said the brothers.

ETFs can be purchased at any brokerage firm, such as Robinhood, Charles Schwabb, ETrade, and Fidelity. The LifeGoal Investments website has a budget calculator to help do-it-yourself investors choose the best ETF for their life goals. 

“This website is meant to make the financial world simpler for someone,” said Taylor. “We understand that not everyone worked on Wall Street like we did, and we are just trying to create simplicity in the financial world.” 

Visit www.lifegoalinvestments.com to see just how easy investing can be.

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