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Pinnacle Nutrition: (Meal) Ticket to Success Featured

Written by Mike Piekarski
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Though part of the word is in her job description, Lindsay Ferrara does not like the term “dieting.”

As a registered dietitian and founder of Pinnacle Nutrition in Saratoga Springs, Ferrara would love to bring about a change in people’s approach to eating.

“My mission is to get people to move away from fad diets and restricting their food intake and zero in on what their body actually needs and get them out of that yoyo cycle of losing weight and gaining it back,” Ferrara said.

When she started her business in 2020, the Wilton resident and Glens Falls native made home visits exclusively and saw a major change when she began utilizing an indirect calorimeter for her clients. 

“Once I got this machine, my business took off,” said Ferrara, who secured the current 15 Maple Dell location in 2021. “Everyone wanted to know what their metabolism was doing.”

Her FDA-approved ReeVue indirect calorimeter, which resembles an old-style boxlike clock radio, measures oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide output and caloric requirements as well as breath rate. That, according to Ferrara, helps determine clients’ metabolism. 

“We help them zero in on their calorie needs and their macronutrient needs and customize a—I don’t like to call it a ‘diet plan’—an ‘eating plan’ for them. I really help people optimize their metabolism and get them going with a meal plan to maximize their nutrition.” 

In her practice, Ferrara, a wife and a mother of two boys, also performs what she calls “body composition analysis” using a type of scale called an InBody. The contraption, which looks something like a miniature robot, is shaped like an upright vacuum cleaner--a small rectangular scale attached vertically to a short, approximately six-inch-wide metal frame, draped on either side by thin metal arms (actually hand grips) and topped with an angled face plate.

Using bioelectrical impedance analysis, the scale “measures muscle mass and body fat composition,” said Ferrara, who got interested in nutrition as a career after reading about the possibility in her high school guidance counselor’s office.

Ferrara graduated in 2000 from SUNY Plattsburgh, where she earned a bachelor of science degree in nutrition; she later earned a master’s in applied nutrition from the Sage Colleges. She has worked as a dietitian for nearly 20 years, beginning in 2003 when she started a nine-year stint at Glens Falls Hospital. Every summer since 2017, she also has worked as a dietitian at Double H Ranch, the Lake Luzerne camp for children with life-threatening and chronic illnesses.

At Pinnacle Nutrition, Ferrara typically starts a session with metabolic testing “just to get an idea of what we’re looking at as far as calories, how their metabolism is functioning, if they have GI concerns, or heart disease. I look at what they’re eating and how we can make changes to (improve) their nutrient intake, cholesterol levels, GI symptoms, exercise performance, metabolism, and more. Everything is tailored to the individual,” she said.    

“I look at their family history, their medications, their supplements, their workout routine. I look at the whole picture to try to help them the best way I can to live their healthiest life.”

More information on Pinnacle Nutrition, including pricing, can be found on the internet at www.pinnaclenutritionny.com or by phone at (518) 290-0447. Information on the business also is available on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/PinnacleNutritionSaratoga) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/pinnacle_nutritionsaratoga).

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