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A New Approach to Health through Functional Nutrition

Written by Jordan Dunn
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If you’ve ever struggled with your energy levels, sleep patterns, hormone balance, gut health, inflammatory and immune response, disease and dysfunction in the body, or just your overall health and well-being, you’ve also recognized that the battle for better health can be hard and complicated without someone by your side to coach, encourage and educate you along your journey.

Welcome Saratoga Functional Nutrition as your newest health ally.

Established by Marisa Lester, Saratoga Functional Nutrition is a health and nutrition counseling practice with a strong emphasis on individualized and functional protocols. Lester uses a functional medicine approach during the Client Intake process that helps her be able to fully understand the client's health struggles through holistic medicinal approaches. This allows Lester to then be able to educate and coach clients on how certain dietary practices may either hinder or promote health based on epigenetic factors. “Each person has their own history and unique stories of how they came to have their symptoms. I love seeing those aha moments though … that moment when they see where they came from and how their choices and changes allow for a newfound control and empowerment over their life,” explains Lester.

Lester grew up in the local Capital Region, attending Shenendehowa before attending the University at Albany. She spent time living in Los Angeles, California, and New York City before settling in Ballston Spa for the past 13 years. As a lifelong athlete, even playing D1 sports in college, completing an intense regime to become a Certified Yoga Teacher, and earning a designation as an Adirondack 46er in 2012, Lester had always considered herself to be a rather active, and therefore healthy, individual. So when she began to battle health problems in recent years she was completely taken aback. After a slew of doctor and specialist appointments, several medication recommendations, and quite a few medical shoulder shrugs without a diagnosis, Lester knew that there just had to be a better way to handle what she was going through.

Enter functional nutrition practices.

After seeing the results for herself, Lester knew that this was something she wanted to bring to her own community.

“This form of healthcare gives the power back to the client. They have the ability to choose how they are feeling by the choices they make every day using nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications. It’s a powerful and often underutilized approach to health and wellness,” Lester says.

When not helping her clients, Lester is either teaching classes at her Alma mater or spending time with her husband and two little boys. Lester says she lives the life she promotes to her clients and spends as much time as she can prepping and cooking up nutrient-packed recipes in her Ballston Spa home – which is also the home base for her practice, “Nutrition is personal, and so is my practice, so for now, the location for Saratoga Functional Nutrition makes sense,” she describes. She also incorporates plenty of sunshine and movement in her daily practice – whether that means yoga, biking, skiing, or hiking.

Saratoga Functional Nutrition officially launched on June 15th, though Lester has been seeing her own personal network and several external clients these last few months to get the ball rolling. To connect with Lester and begin your journey with health and wellness, you can visit her Facebook page or connect directly through her website, which allows clients to book appointments electronically, at: https://www.saratogafunctionalnutrition.com

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