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Wednesday, 20 July 2022 15:55

A New Age Approach to Creating Star Students Featured

Written by Jordan Dunn
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Those who have had the opportunity to work in early education and child development, know that no two students are ever quite the same. So, it would make sense that the classroom experience be just as unique as the children in it - right? Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist, and Lead Teacher of Speech Stars Preschool, Corey Ott, certainly thinks so!

“Speech Stars Preschool is unique in that, due to my background and training, I will be incorporating specific aspects of speech sound production, language development, social skills, and pre-literacy skills throughout each daily program, making for a natural learning environment,” said Ott.

For over 7 years as a part-time “CPSE” contractor, Ott believes that Speech Stars Preschool will provide the area with a type of programming that is not readily available but is desperately needed. “With my intensive training and experience, in addition to that of my amazing Co-Teacher, Barb Mackenzie, Speech Stars Preschool will offer a warm, nurturing, environment that is developmentally appropriate for each attending preschool child….Our small class size will help us to tailor the program to each child's individual needs,” said Ott. 

Located in the town of Ballston Spa, Speech Stars Preschool will be a speech and language enrichment-based preschool, tailored to those in need of an untraditional approach to early education. In her own words, Ott states how “we are very fortunate to have Universal Preschool (UPK) in New York; however, these classes are usually large in size, and students with significant speech and language delays may be overwhelmed and less likely to communicate with their peers in this environment. Additionally, these classes are less likely to have teachers who are trained in specific techniques to assist children with educational delays or IEP goals.” It will be Speech Stars Preschool's goal to bridge the gap and provide a specialized education experience to the children who need it most. 

Originally from the Midwest, Ott attended Miami University for her Bachelor’s in Education and the University of Toledo for her Master's in Education in Speech-Language Pathology. When not spending her time working with the little ones of the local area, Ott enjoys spending her time with her own little one, her beloved 13-year-old daughter, and her two dogs. 

More information about Speech Stars Preschool is available online at If there are any inquiries about the program contact Ott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (518) 309-2181.

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