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Graham Family’s Wares Definitely not Plain Clothes

Written by Mike Piekarski
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The Grahams of Corinth—dad Derek, mom Sarah, and son “Bubba”—are what some would call adrenaline junkies. No matter the season, you will typically find them engaged in one outdoor-activity thrill after another. 

But when Bubba, then 11, suffered a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula in a dirt-bike racing accident four years ago, the Grahams decided it was time to re-evaluate their outdoor pursuits.

The result was a different (and safer) outdoor sport—and a new business: GFAdventures Clothing Store. The Grahams, who run the enterprise out of their home, sell mountain bike- and snowmobile-themed T-shirts, with plans to soon add caps and long-sleeved shirts.

“We love going on adventures and going to different places,” said Sarah Graham in a recent phone interview, but the dirt-bike racing “was too intense. Then we got into ‘straight’ downhill mountain biking, (and) we realized our son had a gift for really big jumps from a pretty young age.”

Years earlier, when the Graham family (the “GF” in GFAdventures) took part in dirt-bike racing, supporters urged them to make and sell shirts, a notion that Sarah didn’t take seriously at the time. But this year, she decided it was time to do just that. 

“When the racing idea fizzled out, I liked the idea of making these shirts,” Graham, 41, said,   “We’ve always tried to inspire other people to do adventurous things and get out there and explore the world and check out all the things that you think you can’t do and, really, you can.  You’ve just got to be willing to take the risk.”

Married since 2007, Sarah and Derek (also 41) both grew up in Corinth in outdoor sports-oriented families and rode trail snowmobiles. But this past winter, on a snowboarding vacation to Vail, Colo., they learned about performance snowmobiles, on which riders can handle icier and snowier terrain than the more-basic trail versions.

Their clothing-store shirts reflect their outdoor-sports interests. One features a sketch of a mountain bike rider doing a midair stunt above the words “LIVE EXTREME.” The other features a print of a near-vertical rider maneuvering a performance snowmobile high above the landscape. 

The “LIVE EXTREME” shirt—made of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon—“is hopefully going to inspire people to go above and beyond, to get out of (their) comfort zone and see what life’s about,” Graham said.

The company can be reached online at www.gfadventures.com or by phone at 518-321-7724.

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