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Wednesday, 14 April 2021 20:19

Saratoga County Will Benefit from the CapNY Regional Initiative Featured

Written by Written by Pete Bardunias, Senior Vice President, Community Advancement, Capital Region Chamber
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At a recent roundtable hosted by the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County, businesspeople raised concerns regarding the cancellation of the travel industry and its impact on the county’s economy.   

Participants stressed the need to continue marketing both individual businesses and the community as a whole even during today’s economic uncertainty.   Some argued that the Pandemic makes business marketing all the more important, yet such efforts by many area companies have been curtailed.   Saratoga County businesses are also clamoring that they cannot find sufficient talent out there, that they are struggling to find people willing to work, and that available talent may not be looking at our region as a place to settle, despite the evidence being shared daily by local real estate agents that home sales are up, inventories way down, and people from other parts of the state are indeed choosing the Capital Region and Saratoga County specifically as a place to put down roots for the post-COVID economy.


All of the above makes an initiative just announced by the Center for Economic Growth (CEG) and the Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy (ACE) very timely and relevant.  Seeking to demonstrate that more than a million inhabitants of New York’s Capital Region are “CAPable of aNYthing”, the CapNY initiative and website ( promotes our region as a whole, with specific features on the counties, cities, local communities and attractions. The talent attraction campaign focuses on Millennials and Generation Z, the most mobile generations that make up more than half the US population. The campaign will target individuals in Boston and NYC through social media placements to raise awareness and compel individuals to explore a life and career in the Capital Region. 


Attracting these younger residents to our communities will help bring in qualified, upwardly-mobile diverse talent that is eager to learn more about our region and experience its attractions, thus providing a boost to the tourism industry at a critical time.  Also, young families have a lot of things to buy to furnish that new house in Saratoga County, potentially becoming great customers for local stores, if the information about such purchasing options can be delivered via the medium these individuals are using to conduct their research (regional website, social media, etc.).  Its hard for Saratoga County to stand alone and market itself in such a fashion, far easier to join forces with powerful regional allies to get the message across.


And what a message we have to convey!  Those of us who live in the rural communities can certainly vouch for the socially distanced living conditions, and also the relaxed, laid back environment.  City dwellers in Saratoga Springs and others enjoy walkable, historic downtowns that offer residents the big-city lifestyle without the big-city price tag.  As CEG’s Chief Economic Development Officer Katie Newcombe puts it, “Even long-term Capital Region dwellers may not have seen our story told this way. We offer economic and cultural diversity in a growing economic region that leads the way for the rest of New York State in terms of business development, job opportunities, an interesting and varied lifestyle, and more.”


Developing the strategy has been a regional, collaborative effort.  Fingerpaint, Overit and Collectiveffort have worked for several years with area business leaders on the concept.  We are a special place to Live, Work and Explore, and the new CapNY initiative will help the world find us, visit us, and hopefully stay with us too!

The new logo for the #GoCapNY initiative, designed to highlight where the Capital Region is, demonstrate its infinite capabilities, and promote the website.  The Capital Region comprises 8 very diverse counties, includes the seat of government for New York State, and is home to a million residents and more than a dozen unique cities, offering walkable, historic downtowns offering residents the big-city lifestyle without the big-city price tag!  The region is ripe with rolling fields and farmland that provide for unparalleled farmers’ markets, farm-to-table restaurants, and breweries/cideries/distilleries.

Malta resident and small business owner Kim Hickok embodies the entrepreneurial spirit found in Saratoga County.   Kim and her business, Marketing Kangaroo ( specialize in traditional and digital marketing, and she volunteers her time to help support the local business community in her hometown.

Owners Rob and Amy Carmel (center, rear) and their children xxx and Kody posed with the author (left), Halfmoon Supervisor Kevin Tollisen (2nd from right ) and Deputy Supervisor Paul Hotaling at the recent 1 year business anniversary of Rollin’ Smoke Handcrafted BBQ (  They are not only realizing their dream of owning their own business, but are providing a taste of the good life to BBQ aficionados across the Capital Region.

Perenially voted among the top Capital Region employers in several contests, Polyset  ( is a technology driven materials company based in Mechanicville, and led by brothers Raj and Nil Ghoshal (foreground).  They specialize in various coatings, filtration products, adhesives, elastomer and foam systems and more.


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